Connor Burton

Principal Software Engineer


Guiding engineering teams to successful project deliveries and long-term business growth.



Architecting robust and scalable software solutions.

Technical Leadership

Excel at leading technical innovation. Serving as a force multiplier. Empowering colleagues to deliver value.

Build Value

Work closely with stakeholders to ensure engineering effort is building long-term value for the business.


  • Node.js
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • React
  • Express
  • Rust
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Go (Golang)
  • AWS / Azure / IBM
  • CI/CD / Jenkins / GitHub Actions
  • Docker / Kubernetes



Principal Software Engineer (V)

Apr. 2023-Present

Eng - Software Development V. Principal engineer in the Partners organisation, across multiple business units and teams

  • Architected, documented and orchestrated migration from on-premise to AWS Kubernetes across multiple teams
  • Actively contributed to custom Rust edge proxy
  • Took ownership and improved monitoring, resiliency and performance of tier 0/1 applications
  • Implemented documentation framework to greatly improve consistency and readability
  • Fostered automation, from CI to development workflows
  • Held weekly technical deep dives

Senior Node Developer (IV)

Sep. 2021-Apr. 2023

Senior developer in the Recomm organisation, providing unified eCommerce services to EMEA brands

  • Development, enhancements & technical debt resolution of business critical services
  • Flow & TypeScript microservices powering EMEA brands (123-Reg, HostEurope & more)
  • Working at scale of millions of requests/day
  • Resolved long standing architectural issues, reducing outages by 80%
  • Contributed to revamp of CI builds, decreasing build time by many factors
  • Propounded and implemented application monitoring
  • Working with Docker & Kubernetes


Software Developer

Sep. 2017-Aug. 2021

MERN Stack Occupational Health Product, deployed on IBM Cloud

  • Mixture of new feature development, enhancements, bug fixing & technical debt resolution
  • Architected and delivered multi-team B2B integration under budget and ahead of schedule
  • Maintained and encouraged security best practices
  • Introduced linting, code reviews, CI builds, Git Flow + much more tooling
  • Setup build & release pipelines in Azure DevOps
  • Integrated and maintained 3rd party services

(Previously Warwick IC Systems, Acquired 2019)

Purpose Media

PHP Developer

Jan. 2015-Aug. 2017

Client facing developer for a medium-sized design agency

  • WordPress, Laravel & Bespoke PHP Projects
  • Lead & mentored a team of ~6 developers
  • Worked with stakeholders to ensure the development team hit monthly targets
  • Drastically improved & streamlined WordPress projects
  • Core contributor to the OSS project Timber


Web Application Developer

Jul. 2015-Dec. 2015

Educational Technology Startup (Laravel/MySQL/React), deployed on AWS

  • First technical hire
  • Oversaw new hires and helped manage the team
  • Developed a drag & drop lesson planner with integration into large resources (Youtube, Wikipedia, etc)

Global Brands

Front End Developer

Apr. 2015-Jul. 2015

Built and maintained well known drink brand's websites

  • WordPress site development
  • Updated internal project management systems
  • Worked closely with design & marketing

SWD Digital

Web Developer

Mar. 2007-Apr. 2015

Local design agency, started out as a junior developer and became a core member of the team

  • Client facing, mix of support & development
  • WordPress, Magento & bespoke PHP projects
  • Worked directly with business owners to improve delivery & quality of projects

Connor Burton — [email protected]